Dim Sum and A Wallaby

Hannah and I went out for dim sum. It was THE BEST. A Wallaby, at the table next to us, thought so too!

Rock Stars and Monsters

Road trip: Jack’s Mannequin, Beyonce, Rihanna, Pussy Cat Dolls, Alicia Keys, The Calling, Matthew Sweet, Plumb, Reliant K, The Strokes, T.I., Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Herbie Hancock, Flame, The Almost, Big Head Todd, Neil Young, Billy Bragg, Joy Denalane, Ten Forevers, Rhymefest, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Verve Pipe, Neil Young, Macy Gray, Herbie Hancock, Cracker, Over the Rhine, Deux Process, Cheri Dennis, Metro Station, Five for Fighting, Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas, Butch Walker, Tyler James, Colbie Callait, Mikeschair, Andie Davis, Butterfly Boucher, Erin McCarly, Griffen House, Jeremy Lister, K.S. Rhoads, Katie Herzig, Matthew Perryman Jones, Trent Dabbs… What’s on your playlist?

Scum of the Earth

Scum of The Earth“To this very hour we go hungry and thirsty, we are in rags, we are brutally treated, we are homeless. We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it;  when we are slandered, we answer kindly. We have become the scum of the earth, the garbage of the world—right up to this moment.” I Corinthians 4:11-13

We look forward to worshiping with Scum, Seattle. Here’s a link to Scum of the Earth, Denver. Cool stuff about Scum from its website:


It doesn’t sound like a church name … on purpose. We really want to connect with people who have no interest in “church” by society’s definition. There are plenty of churches for “normal people” and we think we have a unique calling to reach out to our otherwise unreached friends. Our name is integral to that process. Whether outcast by society (e.g., punks, skaters, ravers, homeless people…) or by the church itself, many who come can identify with the name “Scum of the Earth” since they have been previously treated as such.

More important to us, however, the name implies that being people of faith does not mean we are better than anyone else. We know many non-Christians who think Christians are out to cast judgment on them. Our name makes it clear that we aren’t about that. We are just aware of our need for God, as Scum of the Earth. Fortunately, God never sees us like that! But the name is humble and we like that.

Cowboy Boots As Treasure

Downsizing should be easy, right? We’re only taking our clothes, toothbrushes, and laptops. Wrong. The sort piles are maddening. Here they are:

1. To the Dump. Easy. This stuff goes in the back of my truck. Broken, beyond reuse, I’m still shocked at the size of our dump footprint;

2. Give Away. Clothes, tables, chairs, toys, books, old videos, extra pots, pans, etc. As rewarding as it is to give things to others, staging has been a nightmare. Delivering even worse. But we’re determined to make work.

3. Goes to Seattle. The smallest pile. Minimalist living applies. Ivan is the only one who naturally fits this category. The rest of us are sentimental sillies; we can (and do) justify saving something as dumb as a candy wrapper if it reminds us of something, or some one, or somewhere that we don’t want to forget (I ate this candy in Wrigley Field when the Cubs lost again, and before they added lights!). CRUNCH TIME: We each get to take a medium sized Uhaul box. How to decide what goes to the 5th wheel? Here’s the make or break question: Will you use this more than three times everyday? If not, return item to pile 1, 2, or 4.

4. Storage. What would you store if you thought it might not see the light of day for a long time? (No dead candy wrappers allowed) Isaiah’s beloved boots come to mind. We’ve saved every pair he’s ever worn.

Well now. Can you feel the freedom coming on?

Cartoon Me

Ever feel the cartoon take over?

Ever feel the cartoon take over?

My move to Seattle was just moved up 5 days. Do you ever feel the cartoon taking over?

“You may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
You may find yourself in another part of the world
You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
You may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife
You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?” Talking Heads

Taking Stock

Yesterday was awful. We sold all but six of our sheep. We only saved the ones that Hannah hand-raised in the living room: Mercy, Martha, Opal, Penny, Carmella, and Lily. Someday, we’ll send for them, along with our horses. Until then, they’ll be well-loved by Mona in Montana!

Last Days on the Ranch


Oblivious Hens and August Chicks

Oblivious to the fact that we are sorting, tossing, packing, and otherwise getting ready to move, our hens are hatching more chicks in the coop;

so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white
The Red Wheelbarrow, William Carlos WIlliams, 1923