Cowboy Boots As Treasure

Downsizing should be easy, right? We’re only taking our clothes, toothbrushes, and laptops. Wrong. The sort piles are maddening. Here they are:

1. To the Dump. Easy. This stuff goes in the back of my truck. Broken, beyond reuse, I’m still shocked at the size of our dump footprint;

2. Give Away. Clothes, tables, chairs, toys, books, old videos, extra pots, pans, etc. As rewarding as it is to give things to others, staging has been a nightmare. Delivering even worse. But we’re determined to make work.

3. Goes to Seattle. The smallest pile. Minimalist living applies. Ivan is the only one who naturally fits this category. The rest of us are sentimental sillies; we can (and do) justify saving something as dumb as a candy wrapper if it reminds us of something, or some one, or somewhere that we don’t want to forget (I ate this candy in Wrigley Field when the Cubs lost again, and before they added lights!). CRUNCH TIME: We each get to take a medium sized Uhaul box. How to decide what goes to the 5th wheel? Here’s the make or break question: Will you use this more than three times everyday? If not, return item to pile 1, 2, or 4.

4. Storage. What would you store if you thought it might not see the light of day for a long time? (No dead candy wrappers allowed) Isaiah’s beloved boots come to mind. We’ve saved every pair he’s ever worn.

Well now. Can you feel the freedom coming on?

4 thoughts on “Cowboy Boots As Treasure

  1. 40 years ago I read an article in Geo Magazine (gone, not forgotten) about a person who committed to only owning 100 items. And they all had to fit in his station wagon. Get a new toothbrush? Something has to go (prob’ly the old one). I thought it was an intriguing concept and a good thought exercise. Sounds like you’re living it.

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