Well, here I am.

    Image Hey everybody! Hannah here! 14-year-old daughter of Ann and Ivan, baker extraordinaire (or so I hear. tee hee).

I like to draw,  but probably shouldn’t choose art as a career. Same with singing. So, I pour everything into my work. Which, as it happens, isn’t currently making pastries, chasing my sheep, or babysitting, but merely adjusting. I’m adjusting to a new city, new living space, and school.  Maybe that doesn’t seem like a whole lotta hard, but for me, a teenager who suffers from mood swings and occasional insomnia, its a lot to take in and process.

I’m actually quite excited to live in Seattle. New culture, new cuisine, new people, new Wallabies (Did you read Mom’s post the wallaby in the dim sum restaurant?). It’s all quite new, especially coming from Montana, where there are very few ethnicities, and if you want to eat out it’s a 45 minute drive to steak and potatoes. So having stores literally five minutes away is mindblowing. We no longer have to buy forty pounds of flour, because if we run out it’s just a quick trip to the store!

Check back for my blog posts. I’ll be writing about what I care about (that one’s for you, Mr. O).

Iron Chef America is Calling. Until next time,  Hannah out

One thought on “Well, here I am.

  1. Keep up the drawing – ‘art’ is a difficult career, but ‘illustration’ and ‘graphic artist’ and ‘graphic designer’ are much easier, not to mention translating into useful skills like drafting. Also, the eye for detail and spatial relationships you develop from drawing is useful in all kinds of engineering, math, and science.

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