Finding my way…


I’m findin’, I’m findin’ my way back home
Well, I’ve had it for now, livin’ on the road – Rush, Finding My Way

Home. House. Trailer. Crowded. People. Family.

My stream of consciousness is constantly interrupted by someone needing something. Something needing to be put in a compartment, Amos (my dog) needing to be walked. There is no down time — if it’s not one of the million things going on in our 400 square feet, it’s work, finishing edits on the dissertation, coordinating repairs or work on the ranch from afar.

I remember thinking, “it’ll be so nice to settle into a routine and have some time for hobbies and personal projects.”

But, the longer we’re away from the ranch, the further we get from “home” — the place, the more I realize “home” — the people is where I’m happy.

It’s nice to have Ann, Hannah, and Isaiah here in arms reach. Even if we can’t extend our arms all the way.

What do you think?

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