RV Living

If we make it through the first 9 months, I predict we could do this forever.Image

After about a month in our new 5th wheel I can (still) say we made a great choice. Living in 400 square feet isn’t easy. We left a ranch with a log home, two barns (aka shops), lots of outdoor space. Our nearest neighbor was a mile away.

We’re now in 400 square feet with our nearest neighbors inches away.

This isn’t bad; but it takes adjusting. Adjusting takes time. We’re only one month in — what I call the delusional zone — where we feel so much better than a month ago, we forget how much better it’ll bee when we’re done adjusting. It’s like having kids, when they’re 18-24 months old and they start sleeping you forget how much sleep you lost because they are so cute. It’s a trick. It’s designed to get you to have another one. Stay calm and enjoy the one you have.

Same principle applies here. Stay calm and enjoy the progress we’ve made in the last month. Let’s not go crazy trying to get engaged in too many activities. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will bring enough stress to test our adjustments to this lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “RV Living

    • Hey Andy!

      When we came to Seattle we embraced the change as an adventure (possibly temporary) with every intent to return to the ranch back home. Given that set of conditions it seemed prudent to strike a balance between “established, stable, and reliable” for the kids sanity and nomadic to adapt to whatever changes come. It’s pretty amazing and it’s definitely a mindset — I’m still transitioning back to it after our vacation to LA.

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