From 160 acres to 429 square feet, our family is moving from a ranch in Montana to an RV in Seattle.

Dusty Boots: For eight years, we’ve raised our children, horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, turkeys, cats, and dogs 12 miles back on dirt road. We’ve cherished a community that’s big on history, barn dances, rodeos, and potlucks. We’ve ridden horses, wrangled cows, cradled lambs, gathered eggs, and floated down the river with our dogs.

Rain Coats: It’s time to give our children another experience. We’re moving to Seattle to drench them with urban life; give them a deep appreciation for diverse people, culture, language, cuisine, theater, and art.

Urban Drench (Blog, Facebook, Website, and Twitter): We invite you to follow our experiences, reflections, and art. We value conversation. Please, tell us your story!

Meet Us: Ivan is a computer scientist and new technologies engineer. Ann is a storyteller who uses brushes and words to convey meaning and hope. Hannah is an accomplished baker who aspires to be a professional chef. Isaiah is an innovator who likes gaming technology, building, and all things outdoors.

Innovative Lifestyle: Instead of buying a house, we bought an Evergreen 5th wheel. We found a manufacturer that’s producing green RVs. We’re counting on Evergreen to help us maintain an innovative lifestyle that’s sustainable, affordable, and healthy. We’re counting on our 5th wheel to create a flexible housing solution that can literally roll with changes; reduce our ecological footprint; reduce our overhead; allow us to respond generously to the needs of others.


6 thoughts on “About

    • Hey thanks! We’re in the blender stage of packing for our move…. you know, when the content of your house looks like its been through a blender and dumped back out on the floor! Downsizing is not as easy as I thought it was going to be but the sort piles are: toss; give away; RV bound; long term storage (Family treasure. Period)

      Thanks for stopping by! WHOOT!


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