Umpquah River Light

We made a tour of Pacific Northwest lighthouses. We visited the Umpquah River Light on it’s 119th birthday, December 31, 1894! Its glorious fresnel lens was manufactured by F. Barbier, Paris, in 1890.

Shoe Tree and Mad Burgers on CA Highway 36

We spent Christmas with family down in California. On the way back, we took Highway 36 from Red Bluff, CA, to the 101. About 10 miles west of Red Bluff, we found this tree growing shoes. Shoe Tree Highway 36 It’s our first shoe tree. Not one we’ll likely forget. Shoe Tree 2 I looked up the history. It seems people started leaving shoes for others as kind of a “leafy Salvation Army” about 14 years ago. What started with about 50 pairs has grown into… well, you count them. I gave up. RedSlippers Highway 36 is full of twists, rolls, hairpins, and sheer drop offs without guard rails. Slow down on the curves. Be sure to pack water, food, and toilet paper. Facilities are limited. Read that again and be warned. Whatever you do, plan to eat at the Mad River Burger Bar in Mad River. If you blink, you’ll miss it. Helpful hint: It’s right next to the post office. Also blinkable. Burger Bar They have great burgers and milkshakes! Mad Iver Here’s Mad Iver. GRIN! The burger bar is a camper parked beneath a metal pole roof. Facilities include porta-potties. Bring your hand-san. This one is for Darren Dust: Great Signs

Reflections on Lunch with a Homeless Son

Painting Study

Tinsley Anne’s Boy, Painting Study, ©2013 Ann M. Snowberger, All Rights Reserved

Reflections on Lunch with A Homeless Son

Tinsley Anne,
I met your son today.
Maybe you were watching
Us walk along the road.
Did you hear his voice break; choke softly as he remembered his love for you?

He’s weak now.
His life has been “a wreck.”
Maybe you were praying.
He spoke about his poem-
The one he wrote and read for you in the last clear moment you had left.

He’s lonely.
He feels it in his bones,
In his tent in the woods,
Rain dripping through leaks.
Air heavy and cold, he hugs his red dog, and weeps; in the warmth he weeps.

Tinsley Anne,
I broke bread with your boy.
Maybe you were hoping.
Hot tea, some rice, chicken.
Did you hear my heart break; choke on silence at his hungry mouth eating?


Peace Be With You
Tinsley Anne

©2013 Ann M. Snowberger, All Rights Reserved

Open Studio @INSCAPE

We went to INSCAPE‘s studio open house (Thank you to Julia Carpenter!). Met great artists and saw amazing work. My favorites: Julia Carpenter; Delia Floor; Tracy BoydJen t. MillsEllen RutledgeRob Katkowski; Alicia Tormey; Charles Prutting; XBOT RoboticsMichael Cepress; Mark O’Connell; Dante Brebner; Sara & Maggie Cole ; and Jennifer Smith.

The Adventure Begins

Urban Drench: Our move from Big Sky to Big City.