The True Meaning of Easter

Yesterday, Chris and two of her boys went down to see the new trailer… It won’t be long before we can tow it “home.”

Every year, we’re challenged to explain the true meaning of Easter to people with their backs up against the wall, to people who sense little hope.

Thank you to everyone who gave a better trailer to this homeless mother and her family. Hope dawns.



Compassionate Gifts Bought This Trailer for Chris and Her Family

We’re thankful to announce that the compassionate gifts of many people made it possible to buy this beautiful 31′ X 8′ trailer for Chris, her four children, and dad. It’s bright, cheerful, and has enough space for everyone to have their own bed!

In case you missed it, Chris is giving her old trailer to a man who has been homeless and sleeping in the woods for three years.

We’ve learned that compassion is a miracle that gives hope to people every day.

Today is Palm Sunday.  Christ said, “Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves.” John 14:11, NIV

Our thanks again to those who gave of themselves through monetary gifts, prayer, and encouragement to make this happen. And here’s a plug for Fife RV and Mike, our salesperson, who made it possible!


Nearly Had a Fire!

Chris nearly had a fire in her trailer this week. It was her daughter’s turn to sleep on the floor and her stuffed bunny got too close to the heater. Its ears and face were singed off while everyone slept!

Two of them cram on a tiny sofa, one sleeps in a hammock, two sleep on the floor, and grandpa needs to sleep on the only bed. We are thankful they didn’t have a fire– all at the same time, their situation is more urgent.

Guess what Chris is going to do with her old trailer? She’s giving it to a homeless man. It’s the perfect size for one person and he already has a safe place to park it!

We still have $6,150 in available matching funds. Your donation will be doubled! Can you spare anything to speed up our ability to provide this family with a healthier place to live?

Please help us! Have questions? Email Ann:

Thank you!
Ivan, Ann, Hannah, and Isaiah

Update on Raising Money for a Homeless Family


Since our last post, an anonymous donor’s matching gift turned $1,850 into $3,700!

We have reached nearly at 29% of our goal! Will you consider making a donation to improve the quality of life for this homeless family?

We still have $6,150 in matching funds available! Your donation will be doubled up to 6150! Imagine! Please help give this mother and her children a healthier living sithuation!

Ivan, Ann, Hannah, and Isaiah

Your Donation Matched up to $8,000!

tree 2

Bigger Trailer 4 Six UPDATE

Your donation matched up to $8,OOO! An anonymous donor will match your donation up to $8,OOO!

This means whatever you give toward helping this homeless family will be doubled. $10 turns into $20! $25 turns into $50! $50 turns into $100! Whatever you give will be multiplied times 2!

This matching grant is an incredible opportunity to increase the financial impact of your gift… and more… it speaks to the unfurling character of compassion: love is not who we are on our own, it creates the heart of who we are together.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. I would rather make mistakes in kindness and compassion than work miracles in unkindness and hardness.” ― Mother Teresa

“We must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer.” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Please consider helping Chris and her children.
Thank you!

Ivan, Ann, Hannah, and Isaiah

Bigger Trailer for 6 Update

Raised $3,313.00 toward helping this family have better living conditions!

Simple kindnesses are never wasted: an encouraging word, a door held open, a stranger’s smile, a cup of water; modest gifts of mercy fall like seeds of hope into the dark places. Watered together with compassion, they sprout life.

Fact: a tender shoot can push its way up through rock.

More is going on here than fundraising for better living conditions. With each gift, a mother and her children are being told that they matter. They are being gifted with language to help them imagine beyond the asphalt of dire circumstance that is paved above their heads. Their hearts are being strengthened to press on for one more day.

Fact: hope is propelling them into the sun.

Will you please consider strengthening their hope with a monetary gift? Or will you please consider watering the selfless gifts of others with prayers of compassion? Or will you please consider sharing our efforts with your family and friends?

For those of you who have already blessed this family with gifts, or with faith’s watery way, or by sharing their story with others, we extend our deepest gratitude. Thank you. Ann, Ivan, Hannah, and Isaiah.

BiggerTrailer4Six Update

$1700 Raised!

$1700 Raised!

It’s true. Amazing things happen. In 9 days, 9 people raised $1700. ROCK ON! We are celebrating! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Our family chose to live in a 429 sqft RV. We joke that each of one of us gets 100 sqft and the dog gets 29. The important point, all joking aside, is that we chose to minimize our life-style.

Recently, we met a family of 6 who did not choose to live in a trailer, but it’s their only option. A generous estimate of their living space is 84 sqft (about 14 sqft per person). They’re making the best of it, they’re gracious, and their only concern has nothing to do with personal comfort. Mom worries about safety.

We started a fundraising campaign to gift this family with a bigger RV- one that has a private toilet, a shower, and where no one has to sleep in the aisle.

Life is messy, but we give hope when we help each other. Please consider giving hope to this family!

In faith and life,

Ann, Ivan, Hannah, and Isaiah

Bigger Trailer for 6 Update

We’re raising funds to help a homeless mother move her family of 6 into an RV that will give everyone a good place to sleep.

Someone asked how we put our budget together. We’re trying to raise 25K: About 5K will come off the top to GoFundMe, its pay partner, taxes, registration, title, and misc. state fees.

Our purchasing power will be about 20K. What can we buy with that? I’ve posted an example on our page at

A $10, $20, or $50 dollar gift will be a BIG blessing. Your prayers are coveted!

Who Am I?

What neat little “box” do I fit in? This question has followed me here from Montana. Am I a city girl? I was born in Chicago, after all. But I lived in Montana longer; am I from a rural community? Is there really such a thing as the best of both worlds? I feel like I’m not the only one who struggles with this. Every day, teenagers and adults alike struggle with our identity.

Who am I? It’s the resounding question hanging over our heads, telling us: “No, you can’t wear that, that’s not you.” It’s the voice of your best friend saying, “Hannah’s… Hannah,” when someone asks them to describe you. And it’s not always about appearance, although that’s oftentimes the case: race, gender, sexuality, personality, so-called “attractiveness”… All around, people are trying to put other people into “boxes”. “Everyone fits in somewhere,” they say. But they’re wrong. No one perfectly fits into a category; you can’t just assign people labels. The truth is, everyone so desperately wants to fit people into “boxes” that when someone who doesn’t fit in, people don’t know what to do. Come into school with purple hair? “Thats….. Interesting?” Show up to work with a new tattoo? “Umm..” And so on. People are so bent upon silently putting you on a labeled shelf that they are uncomfortable even discussing people who are different. How many teachers in a public school system do you think would be comfortable discussing not just racial slurs, but why they’re degrading, with students?

Most of them wouldn’t. That’s just it. Society has made it a taboo to talk about race or sexuality. It’s inappropriate to ask someone what gender they identify with, because you might offend them. But why? We have been taught to put things together since kindergarten: the red blocks go in the red pile, the blue in the blue pile, and so on. We were taught the history of the european world, but I can’t remember one single time when the history of, say, Africa, was brought up, except to remind us that they were shipped off to become slaves. We silently bias, and if anyone complains? “It’s not part of the curriculum.”

I guess my point is that I’m sick of all the perfect boxes; the government categories. I’m sick of adults being “cautious”, trying not to offend someone. I mean, I appreciate the gesture, but I asked a question to get an answer, and I don’t appreciate my education being snubbed because “That could be a dangerous topic”. I don’t have time to come see you after class, and I think the whole class would benefit from whatever it was I asked. I’m sick of people being told “Be yourself!” Because what if you don’t know who you are? What if you’re afraid of being judged? What if you don’t fit in a “box”? What are people going to do with you? We try to sort people; male or female, black, white, asian, or mixed race, straight, homosexual, transgender, the list goes on and on.

Why do I care so much about this? you may ask. And my answer is this: as Christians, we are called to “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”(John 13:35) And I’ll admit, I have done my share of not-loving. God says to love one another. That’s it. No “Love everyone, except people who fit into categories x, y, or z.” Just love. Is it very loving of us to try and put people into categories, so we can “see them in a better light”? Yeah, people say things like “Well you know, you have to know that that person is *insert category here* to understand them better” Yeah right! Knowing someone has done this or said this shouldnt change your perspective of who they are as a person.  We need to stop putting people in “boxes”

That’s a lot of opinion coming from a 14 year old, so if you made it this far, I congratulate you. To answer my question at the beginning, well, I just don’t know. I don’t know who I am, or who I’m going to be. I don’t know what boxes I fit in. And I don’t care, either. People can put me in boxes- go ahead. But ask yourselves this: Does it really matter in the long run? Will your peception of me really change all that much because you’ve labeled me as a nerd and not a high end dressy fancy socialite? I hope your answers to those are no, but if they aren’t- maybe you need to rethink your priorities.

~Hannah J.