Bigger Trailer for 6 Update

We’re raising funds to help a homeless mother move her family of 6 into an RV that will give everyone a good place to sleep.

Someone asked how we put our budget together. We’re trying to raise 25K: About 5K will come off the top to GoFundMe, its pay partner, taxes, registration, title, and misc. state fees.

Our purchasing power will be about 20K. What can we buy with that? I’ve posted an example on our page at

A $10, $20, or $50 dollar gift will be a BIG blessing. Your prayers are coveted!

Please Help This Family of Six

We’re trying to help this single mother move her four children, and disabled dad, out of this trailer and into a bigger one where they no longer have to take turns sleeping on the floor. Please check out her story on our GoFundMe page. Please consider giving some hope to this family. Thank you!
Chris and Kids Chris and her children (grandpa not pictured).